South East Queensland Floods Volunteer FAQs

This page provides information regarding the South East Queensland Frequently Asked Questions.


For Those Offering Help

I have registered to join the EV Crew through Volunteering Queensland but have not been placed as a volunteer as yet.

Volunteering Queensland will email EV CREW volunteers with updates over the coming days to advise of if, when, and/or where assistance is required. We need to ensure the locations are safe for you to travel to and volunteer first, this is our priority. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue to listen to authorities and trusted sources, stay out of harm's way and, if safe to do so, check in and help your friends, family, and neighbours.


I’m feeling helpless. Can I drive to a flood affected area with some cleaning supplies and start helping?

While we appreciate your interest in showing up and taking action, it is imperative that you register with an organisation such as Volunteering Queensland in order to be signed up, inducted and/or connected formally.  These recovery projects require structure and management of volunteers to allow for a smooth and successful clean up. Please register your interest here and we will be in touch with further information shortly.


We are an organisation or group wishing to volunteer our time. Where do we go to register?

Please register your organisation or group volunteer interest here


I cannot donate my time but would like to donate supplies to those in need. Which organisation can I donate these to?

Please send offers of support / donations for either those affected by the floods or for the MUD ARMY 2.O volunteers via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For specific donations of goods and funds for those affected by the floods, please visit GIVIT for more information on their flood appeal. You will find a list of locations and supplies that are needed. 


Am I covered by insurance as an EV CREW volunteer?

Each regional council nominates an organisation to oversee the volunteers whilst volunteering on the ground.  The selected organisation is responsible for accepting these terms and conditions before agreeing to participate in Volunteering Queensland’s Emergency Volunteering and Community Response to Extreme Weather service - EV CREW.

Section 2 of this agreement reflects its responsibility in terms of Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance for volunteer workers that are deployed to work under its direction through the EV CREW.

When an individual registers to join the EV CREW as a volunteer, they accept these terms and conditions before joining the crew.

Section 6 of these Terms and Conditions, refers to the Insurance covers for volunteers.


I’d like to travel to Brisbane to volunteer my time on the disaster recovery project. Can you provide accommodation?

Accommodation is not provided. We encourage people to volunteer close to their area of residence, so your accommodation is not a consideration. Thank you for your willingness to help!


Can I bring my own equipment to assist with disaster relief eg. gurney?

Please read the requirements of the volunteering positions you are looking to register for as these can vary from council to council as to what equipment is provided vs what is needed. You can always place a phone call through to your local council office for clarity on this matter. 


What is the minimum age I need to be to volunteer for the QLD Flood Relief Effort?

For this disaster relief we are recruiting volunteers 18 years and above.


Do I need to be fully (COVID-19) vaccinated in order to volunteer for the QLD Flood Relief Effort?

It is the organisation coordinating volunteers on the ground that will decide if vaccinations are a requirement. When an invitation to volunteer on a particular site is emailed to you, it will include a list of requirements. If COVID-19 vaccination is one of the requirements it will be mentioned here. Volunteering Queensland mobilises volunteers on behalf of the organisations seeking assistance.


I am not based in QLD but would like to volunteer for the QLD flood relief effort

Whilst we appreciate your generous offer to volunteer your time we are currently only accepting volunteers who reside within QLD. With flooded roads and access remaining an issue, safety is a real concern of ours. A great way you can support those most affected is to visit to make a donation.


I have some donations of food etc. can I deliver to a disaster site?

Please do not turn up to a disaster site to deliver your offering as you may be turned away. The best port of call is to contact your local council, GIVIT, or those organisations coordinating volunteers on the ground such as Disaster Relief, Red Cross, or The Salvation Army. Volunteering Queensland’s role is to deploy volunteers, we will not be accepting donations. Thank you for your kindness.


I need to update my volunteer registration details. How do I go about this?

Please visit to update your details. 


The volunteering shifts offered are not suitable for me. Can I decide what days or hours I volunteer?

Unfortunately no. If the shifts available are not suitable for you, please wait for new emails with other shifts and times that may suit you better.


I agreed to take on a shift and now realise I have other commitments on that day. How do I cancel a shift?

To cancel a shift please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


My tetanus shot is not up to date. Can I still volunteer?

This requirement is under the discretion of each individual council as to what volunteer requirements are set so be sure to read through the requirements carefully for volunteering roles in your region. We are aware that Brisbane City Council are offering free tetanus shots on sites within the Brisbane City Council region. 


I don't have gumboots. Can I still volunteer?

Please read the requirements of the volunteering positions you are looking to register for as these can vary from council to council as to what the footwear requirement is. You can always place a phone call through to your local council office for clarity on this matter. 


For Those in Need of Help


I need help: Someone’s life is in danger.

Please call Triple Zero (000).


I need help to leave my flooded property.

Please call State Emergency Service (SES) on 132500.


I need help with my post flood clean-up.  

Whether you are a resident or a business please register for assistance through the Brisbane City Council website here


I need help: There is significant damage to my property.


  • It is flooded or about to flood
  • A tree has fallen and caused structural damage or is blocking access to home
  • It is damaged and in need of temporary repair that I cannot do yourself

Please call State Emergency Service (SES) on 132500.


If the damage to your property is not major or urgent:

  • Please call your insurance provider to make a claim or arrange permanent repairs
  • Contact a private contractor, or repair the damage yourself if it is safe to do so


I have been affected by the floods and require donated support.

Please visit GIVIT and complete this form


I am an organisation in need of donations for people we are working with.

If you work for a charity, social service, school, community group, government, or non-government organisation, you can apply to use GIVIT to help find the essentials that people you are working with need right now as a result of the 2022 SE Qld floods. Please register your organisation here


I am needing emergency hardship assistance. Where can I find this?

The Emergency Hardship Assistance Grant is available as a contribution to support people directly impacted by a disaster to who are unable to meet their immediate essential needs for food, clothing, medical supplies, or temporary accommodation. Please go to

As grant activations change, we urge you to check information on the Queensland Government website for the most up to date information

Current activations as at Saturday 5 March 2022

  • Brisbane Local Government Area
  • Fraser Coast Local Government Area
  • Gladstone Local Government Area
  • Gold Coast Local Government Area
  • Gympie Local Government Area
  • Ipswich Local Government Area
  • Lockyer Valley Local Government Area
  • Logan Local Government Area
  • Moreton Bay Local Government Area
  • Noosa Local Government Area and targeted streets
  • North Burnett Local Government Area
  • Somerset Local Government Area
  • Sunshine Coast Local Government Area and targeted streets