On Tuesday the 29th of November, Volunteering Queensland held its 39th Annual General Meeting. Joined by our supportive and valued network of members, volunteers and staff, President of Volunteering Queensland Brett Johns

on described some of the challenges and successes experienced by Volunteering Queensland and the sector as a whole. Highlighting that “we work best when we work together”, Brett reflected on the resilience of volunteers during COVID-19, as well as milestone achievements such as the release of the State of Volunteering in Queensland 2021 Report.

Mara Basanovic, CEO, launched the 2021 Annual Report and the 2022 – 2026 Volunteering Queensland Strategic Plan. Centred on the core themes of Enable, Inspire, Increase and Ensure, the new Strategic Plan is designed to guide Volunteering

Queensland into the future and provide a base from which we will support and strengthen the sector.

We would like to thank all our members and collaborating partners for their contributions and support throughout the year. Also, we thank Ms Ann Leahy MP, Shadow Minister for Volunteers, and Irene Violet, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy for their attendance on the day.

As a gesture of appreciation for their immense contributions, life membership was bestowed upon Brett Williamson OAM and Scott Black, who had previously served as President and Board Director respectively.



  • 3.30pm: Welcome drink in lobby 
  • 4.00pm: AGM Proceedings 
    • Welcome, Opening of Proceedings and Acknowledgement of Country 
    • Acknowledgements 
    • Apologies 
    • Minutes of the 2020 AGM 
    • Presentation of Year in Review 
    • Treasurer’s Report 
    • Appointment of Auditor 
    • Public Liability Insurance Announcement 
    • Amendment to Constitution 
    • Board Election 
    • Presentation of Life Membership 
    • Close of AGM 
    • Guest Speaker
    • Close of Proceedings 

AGM Agenda

  1. Welcome and Acknowledgements
  2. Minutes of 2020 AGM
  3. Presentation of Year in Review
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Appointment of Auditor
  6. Board Member Election
  7. Lifetime Membership Presentation
  8. Close of AGM
  9. Guest Speaker
  10. Close of Proceedings and Cocktail Reception

AGM Business

  1. Financial Statement and Reports 
    The Financial Statements, including the Auditor’s Report for the financial year ended 30 June 2021 and the 2021 Annual Report, are currently being finalised and will be available on the Volunteering Queensland Inc. website shortly.

    Once posted, an invitation to review the documents prior to the AGM will be sent to all members and registered AGM attendees.
  2. Election of Directors
    The Board of Volunteering Queensland Inc. is a skills-based Board that plays a critical role in governing and driving the strategic direction and transformation of the organisation.

    The Board implements an annual succession plan and self-evaluation review that ensures Board Directors are aligned to the strategic direction, values and needs of the organisation.

    This year as per the Constitution one Board Director has completed one term as Director and is eligible for re-election for a second term. Due to two resignations, two additional Board Director positions are vacant.

    The Board of Volunteering Queensland Inc. is currently reviewing its Board Membership process. As such it is recommending to its members the re-election of one existing Board Director for a second term.

    With the review of the Board Membership process just being finalised, the Board also recommends that a call for nominations for the two vacant positions be announced and opened at the AGM with nominated candidates then proceeding through the newly developed nomination process.


The Board is proposing that the following candidate be re-elected to fill one available position:

Linda Lavarch, nominated for a second term as Director of Volunteering Queensland Inc. As the number of nominated candidates for election as Directors, is equal to or less than the number of vacancies on the Board, the Chair of the AGM recommends and declares that this candidate be duly elected as Director in accordance with her nomination.

Should further information be required, please contact Volunteering Queensland Inc. CEO, Mara Basanovic – T: 07 3002 7600 or E: mara.basanovic@volunteeringqld.org.au

A COVID Safe Environment

Both Volunteering Queensland Inc. and BDO have COVID-19 Safe Venue Management Plans to ensure that guests attending the AGM are kept safe.

We will continually monitor Queensland Health COVID-19 directives, particularly in relation to public gatherings and advise if any changes occur in relation to how the AGM is able to be held.

Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have any COVID-19 symptoms, including a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue, or shortness of breath. We ask all attendees to take responsibility for adhering to physical distancing and any other health directives/ requirements.

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