As many of our fellow Australians and their communities continue to be impacted by the devastating fires and begin to adjust to the reality of their loss and long road to recovery and regrowth, we thank you for your concern and care. Our hearts and thoughts continue to go out to everyone affected. We are grateful to the thousands of dedicated, highly trained emergency services personnel working tirelessly to respond to these disasters as well as the countless volunteers and Australian and international Defence Force personnel working to support recovery efforts.

If you are in a fire-affected area please look after the safety of yourself and your family, friends, neighbours and local community first. 

At this time the best action you can take is to stop and listen to and follow the directions of trusted sources including authorities. They will let you know what the best course of action is both now and going forward. 

Volunteering is a very good way to help in times of need, but it is important for you to be mindful to always stop and listen first. This will ensure the right help is given at the right time in the right place. Remember that additional volunteers are unlikely to be engaged during or immediately after a disaster, with volunteering more likely to be needed in the long-term recovery.

Read more on how you can support those impacted by the destructive fires.

The historic Queensland Human Rights Act will be introduced from 01 January 2020. The Act is intended to protect and respect the freedom, equality and dignity of every person in Queensland. It is also a vehicle to help deliver better services and support for all Queenslanders, especially for those experiencing vulnerabilities in our society.

Emergency Volunteering

A big heart filled thank you to everyone who has put their hand up to volunteer in response to the current fires.

Due to the dangerous nature of the fires, only trained emergency services volunteers are required to respond at this time.

In many areas the threat has not yet passed. We encourage you to continue to listen to authorities and trusted sources, stay out of harm’s way and, if safe to do so, check in and help your friends, family and neighbours.

If you would like to be informed if and when additional volunteer help is required, please register at This way we will know where to find you when we need you.

Today is a special day. In honour of International Volunteer Managers’ Day (IVMDay) Volunteering Queensland would like to recognise the outstanding efforts of thousands of Volunteer Managers across our state, and the world. IVMDay is the perfect time to highlight the importance of this life-changing profession and thank each and every skilled and talented volunteer management professional for their dedication and inspiring leadership.