Our new logo


We are pleased to present Volunteering Queensland's new logo.

After careful consideration and consultation, the new logo, designed by Shaheena Siddique, was chosen because of it's fun, friendly, modern look. The design captures the changing face of volunteering - it's inclusive, collaborative, innovative and creative.

We are proud for this logo to represent our work building strong, connected communities through volunteering.

The new logo consists of two elements. The first being the ‘V’ shape, an international symbol for volunteering, first commissioned by Margaret Bell, former President of Volunteering Australia and given to Volunteering Australia and the International Association for Voluntary Effort (IAVE) to be used universally. The second, a ‘Q’ background shape representing Queensland. 

View logo designer Shaheena Siddique's portfolio.

This gallery will give you a little insight into the design process: