Membership options for existing volunteer-involving organisations


For more than 34 years Volunteering Queensland has worked to advocate, represent, promote and support volunteer-involving organisations to deliver critical and valuable services through the successful endeavours of their volunteer workforce.

As per our communication last December, Volunteering Queensland is no longer able to offer free associate membership due to funding constraints and increased operational costs. To continue to both advance our mission and ensure that volunteerism in Queensland continues to develop and flourish into the future we have introduced new affordable paid membership options that deliver many valuable benefits to our members.

Watch our video that explains the changes to our membership


Becoming a Member

This means that for existing volunteer-involving organisations to continue to be a member of Volunteering Queensland you will need to pay a very reasonable membership fee based on the turnover of your organisation. This will enable you to access our member support benefits including utilising our website referral service that connects you with a vast committed and skilled volunteer workforce.

The membership options best suited is FULL membership if you are a volunteer-involving organisation whose purpose is for the common good or ASSOCIATE membership if you are the branch or division of a larger volunteer-involving organisation that is also a member of Volunteering Queensland.

Membership includes discounted rates for professional development training and events, free networking events, voting rights, letters of recognition and support, and helpdesk support to develop, promote and manage your volunteer positions. View all benefits.

If you are an existing volunteer-involving organisation that would like to become a member, please complete our short online form. There is the option to easily pay online with PayWay, or pay offline via direct deposit, cheque or cash within 30 days.

If you are new to Volunteering Queensland, please complete the membership application process

If you choose to become a Non-member

As a not-for-profit ourselves, we are aware of the financial challenges facing many organisations within our sector. We understand that some not-for-profits serve the community without any funding and that paying for membership may not be feasible or something you wish to do.

In this case, volunteer-involving organisations that have and maintain current volunteer insurance will be moved to a virtual self-managed account to post and manage their own positions.

All Queensland positions posted will still automatically appear on the Volunteering Queensland database of volunteering positions. The difference is that Volunteering Queensland is not in the position to be able to provide Helpdesk support to non-members – i.e. non-members will need to self-manage, promote and upload their positions.

Non-members are welcome to take advantage of our non-member rates for training and events, receive our newsletter, access our website for free helpful information and resources and join us for Volunteer Manager Network Meetings.

Please note that the self-managed account does not permit groups without volunteer insurance. Volunteering Queensland does permit organisations without volunteer insurance to join as members and post their positions on the Volunteering Queensland website for promotion across the state. We do this by way of a special function on our volunteer recruitment system. This function alerts a potential volunteer that the position and organisation do not have volunteer insurance.

Groups experiencing hardship

If you are a community group experiencing extreme financial hardship, please take the time to speak to our team. We are not able to offer discounted membership, however, we are able to support you with opportunities to access training, professional development, events and networking opportunities at discounted rates.


Existing volunteer-involving organisations have until 31 March 2017 to choose to become a member or to proceed as a non-member and self-manage your positions.

If you choose non-membership we will be in contact after this date to move you to a self-managed account or to close your account if you do not maintain current volunteer insurance. You are welcome to reconsider and take advantage of the benefits of our membership at any point in the future.

Our commitment to advancing volunteering

Volunteering Queensland will continue to represent, promote, serve and advocate on behalf of all volunteer-involving organisations and volunteers across Queensland. No-one is turned away without some level of support.


Please let us know if you have any questions. Contact our Helpdesk on (07) 3002 7600 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..