Queensland State Election Platform


Volunteering Queensland as our state’s peak body for volunteering offers its support to the incoming government to develop a platform to support, develop and grow Queensland’s largest and arguably most underused workforce and asset – its volunteers.

Volunteering is and has always been a vital contributor to the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of Queensland, conservatively contributing $11.6 billion annually.

As a state we have a strong, proud identity and community spirit, but for many years the volunteer participation rate in Queensland has lagged behind the national average.

It’s time to take action together and be the change that transforms this gap.

As Australia’s second largest and third most populated state this lag needs to be redressed so that the potential of our state’s largest workforce and asset – its volunteers, can be maximised for the well-being of Queensland and all Queenslanders.

It is time for Government and the volunteering sector to come together to re-evaluate and change the way volunteering is supported and developed so that this enormous asset can flourish and be future-proofed.

To continue to grow and contribute, Queensland’s volunteer workforce needs adequate investment and a united effort to approach the challenges and opportunities volunteering offers with renewed commitment and vigour. While the act of volunteering is freely given, volunteering is not free. As with all workforces volunteering requires investment to continue to deliver and increase the more than $4.5 that is returned to our community and state for every $1 currently spent. 

This 2017 election provides a perfect opportunity to look at how the incoming Government and indeed all elected parliamentarians can ensure volunteering continues to grow and be a strong and much relied on contributor to the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of Queensland and a vital part of our state’s identity. 

Read the Queensland State Election Platform which details a road map for action and investment including:

  1. Establish a Volunteering Community Reference Group to advise the Minister responsible for volunteering on matters relating to volunteering
  2. Invest in Emergency Volunteering CREW development and enhancements to support Government, communities and volunteers at times of disaster, and build a resilient Queensland across all phases of emergencies and disasters
  3. Provide five year service agreements to Queensland’s Volunteer Resource Centres and Hubs and address service delivery gaps in central and western Queensland 
  4. Making it easier for people to volunteer
  5. Support for more effective volunteer management 

Responses from the Political Parties 

  • Queensland Greens "As a political party predominantly run by volunteers, the Queensland Greens have a deep appreciation for the value of volunteer labour and an intimate knowledge of the structural support required to effectively manage volunteers. If elected, we will commit to working with Volunteering Queensland to ensure that volunteering organisations across the state are adequately resourced and supported."
  • Liberal National Party "promise that we will be a government that listens, plans and acts to Build a Better Queensland. One of the biggest challenges facing all Queenslanders, including our volunteers is the cost of living, and the number of families living in poverty or facing potential poverty"