Happy International Volunteer Managers’ Day!


Today is a special day. In honour of International Volunteer Managers’ Day (IVMDay) Volunteering Queensland would like to recognise the outstanding efforts of thousands of Volunteer Managers across our state, and the world. IVMDay is the perfect time to highlight the importance of this life-changing profession and thank each and every skilled and talented volunteer management professional for their dedication and inspiring leadership.

Effective volunteering doesn’t just happen… it requires good volunteer management by dedicated Volunteer Managers

Volunteer Managers recruit, train, manage, support and retain a strong, effective volunteer workforce that advances the mission of their organisation. They turn dedication and passion for a cause into effective, transformative action.

Thank you to Volunteer Managers everywhere for sharing your skills, knowledge, time and generosity of spirit to create positive environments where volunteers thrive. You create meaningful, purposeful volunteering experiences that add value and improve organisational culture and performance. You create inclusive, sustainable volunteer programs that change lives and communities for the better. Together we elevate a vital volunteering sector that fuels the economy, connects and enriches lives, builds social and cultural value, and protects the environment of Queensland.

IVMDay is an international event held annually on 05 November. In 2019 we mark the 20th year that this significant day has been celebrated world-wide.

This year’s theme

The theme “Change the Tune!” presents an opportunity to reflect on the continued struggles and discussions experienced in volunteer management circles year after year. It provides a chance for us all to think differently about how volunteer leadership is positioned – so that we can change the dialogue and advance the profession.

Here are some ideas on how you can take part:

  • If you are a Volunteer Manager:
    • Take a moment to pause and think about your role, the difference you make and the changes you would like to see.
    • Make your personal pledge or organisational pledge on how you will “Change the Tune”.
    • Be an advocate for the value of volunteers and volunteer management in your organisation.
    • Add to the narrative – write or share articles, blogs and social media content about volunteer management.
    • Join the IVMDay Group on Facebook and follow on Twitter to connect with Volunteer Managers across the globe.


  • If you appreciate Volunteer Managers:
    • Show your gratitude to Volunteers Managers in a way you know they will like – this might be giving them a card or certificate of appreciation, saying a heartfelt thanks, having a special morning/ afternoon tea or lunch, or sharing an uplifting tune.


  • Everyone:
    • Share your celebrations and tag #IVMDay19 on social media - so others can see and be inspired by the exciting activities you are doing and/ or planning.
    • Visit the IVMDay website for more information and resources including social media images to share.

Volunteering Queensland supports Volunteer Managers

Volunteering Queensland is proud to be an official supporter of IVMDay. We champion Volunteer Managers today and every day through our work:

  • Developing strategies to grow and develop volunteering and volunteer management.
  • Providing accredited training, personal and professional development, conferences and networking opportunities for new and experienced Volunteer Managers.
  • Offering consultations and auditing volunteer programs against the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.
  • Advocating for increased investment into volunteer management infrastructure.
  • Promoting the value of volunteer management for Queensland’s economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being.
  • Supporting Volunteer Managers to recruit the volunteers they need through our services.
  • Sharing volunteer management research, resources and articles.
  • Recognising excellence in volunteer management through our Queensland Volunteering Awards.
  • Investigating the implementation of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as a formal avenue for Volunteer Managers to recognise and improve their knowledge, skills and future employability through certification.

Contact us

Any questions about IVMDay? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 3002 7600. We would love to hear about how you’re taking part – please let our team know!

Thank you once again to Volunteer Managers across Queensland, Australia and the world – your commitment to inclusive, safe, impactful volunteering helps strengthen and create more vibrant, connected, compassionate communities.

You are the key to a powerful movement working towards a better world for all.