You're invited to our online Annual General Meeting & 2020 Queensland Volunteering Awards Ceremony


Join us for an online event in recognition of International Volunteer Day

Date: Wednesday 02 December 2020

3.00pm: Presentation of the 2020 Queensland Volunteering Awards

4.00pm: Annual General Meeting with special guest speaker


Online Awards Ceremony

The 2020 Queensland Volunteering Awards acknowledge the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, volunteer managers, volunteer-involving organisations, and businesses in bringing about positive change within their communities.



Join our online ceremony to hear stories of Queenslanders who have gone above and beyond in their dedication to the community through volunteering.


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The Queensland Volunteering Awards are proudly supported by the Queensland Government.


Annual General Meeting

We would love if you would join our board, staff, and volunteers as we reflect on volunteering achievements over the last financial year.

We are honoured to have special guest speaker Paul Muller, Co-Founder and Director, Institute of Project Management, to discuss with you the State of Volunteering in Queensland Report.

This is a flagship report into the status, and the economic and social value of volunteering. Through evidence-based research, this report will provide the most contemporary overview of the value of volunteering in Queensland.

Paul will explore the impact State of Volunteering Reports have had in other states across Australia, including how the report is a wonderful advocacy tool to gain recognition and funding, and to make sure the voice of volunteering is heard. Paul will delve into the benefits the report will provide here in Queensland. Most importantly the report will give unified strength to ensure volunteer impact is appreciated. This is especially important after the challenges we have faced this year.


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If you are not able to join us online, we would greatly appreciate if you could take a minute to complete our proxy form.

The State of Volunteering in Queensland Report is proudly sponsored by Queensland Water and Land Carers.



  • 3.00pm: Presentation of 2020 Queensland Volunteering Awards
    • Awards presented across six key categories:
      • Volunteer of the Year Award
      • Youth Volunteering Award
      • Lifetime Contribution to Volunteering Award
      • Excellence in Volunteer Management Award
      • Volunteering Impact Award (a volunteer program)
      • Corporate Volunteering Award (an employee volunteering program)
  • 4.00pm: AGM Proceedings
    1. Welcome, Acknowledgements, Opening of Proceedings
    2. Minutes of 2019 Annual General Meeting
    3. Presentation of Year in Review
    4. Appointment of Auditor
    5. Amendment to Constitution
    6. Board Member Election
    7. Close of AGM
    8. Guest Speaker
      • Paul Muller, Co-Founder and Director, Institute of Project Management – State of Volunteering in Queensland Report
    9. Close of Proceedings


RSVP and Registration

AGM: Kindly RSVP via our registration link advising if you and/ or another representative will be attending and confirm the name of your nominated voting representative for the AGM by 12:00noon Monday 30 November 2020.

Awards: Nominees and nominators are welcome to join us for the presentation of 2020 Queensland Volunteering Awards or stay online for the full event. Please register to attend via our registration link.


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After registering, video conference details will be sent 1-2 days prior to the event with additional ZOOM instructions.


AGM Business

1. Financial Statements and Reports

The Financial Statements, including the Auditor’s Report, for the financial year ended 30 June 2020, and the 2020 Annual Report are currently being finalised and will be available on Volunteering Queensland’s website shortly.

Once posted, an invitation to review the documents prior to the AGM will be sent to all Members.

2. Election of Directors

Volunteering Queensland Inc. is a skills-based Board focussed on the critical role of governing and driving the strategic direction of the organisation. The Board implements an annual succession plan and self-evaluation review that ensures Board Member are aligned to the strategic direction, values and needs of the organisation.

This year as per the Constitution one Board Member is stepping down after completing the maximum of two terms as a Director and a second Board Member has completed one term as Director and is eligible for re-election.

The Board of Volunteering Queensland Inc. is recommending to its Members the election of two candidates for two positions on the Board for this AGM.


The Board are proposing the following candidates to fill the two available positions for four years:

  1. Natasha Doherty, nominated for a second term as Director.
  2. Peter Tragardh, currently a Co-opted Director of the Board of Volunteering Queensland Inc., nominated for a position as Director.

As the number of candidates for election as Directors, is equal to or less than the number of vacancies on the Board, the Chair of the AGM recommends and declares those candidates to be duly elected as Directors in accordance with their nomination.

Should you have any queries, please contact Volunteering Queensland CEO, Mara Basanovic, on 3002 7600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3. Proxy

If you are unable to attend the meeting, we ask you to please nominate a person to represent you at the meeting and where required vote in your absence.

Kindly submit a Proxy Form via the link below no later than 12:00noon Monday 30 November 2020.


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4. Technology

The 2020 AGM and 2020 Queensland Volunteering Awards presentation will be streamed via video conferencing facilities using ZOOM.

Please RSVP for the event via our registration link below by 12:00noon Monday 30 November 2020.


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After registering, video conference details will be sent 1-2 days prior to the event with additional ZOOM instructions.


Further information

Please contact our Events team on 3002 7600 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.