• Are you interested in the constitutional, ceremonial and community role of the Governor of Queensland?
  • Are you also a history buff with a passion for sharing your knowledge?
  • Do you enjoy public speaking and relish an opportunity to give back something to the Queensland community?

The Office of the Governor has an exciting opportunity for suitably skilled volunteers to join their Public Engagement Program and lead a diverse range of visitor groups through Government House and the Estate on guided tours. They are looking for people with a passion for history, culture, architecture and heritage and a desire to share this knowledge and interest with the Queensland community. They will provide you with contemporary content to highlight the role of the Governor as the representative of Her Majesty The Queen, Queensland’s Head of State along with comprehensive training to confidently and accurately deliver the history of Governors and the Government House Estate.

Life is busy at the Office of the Governor with their team focused on the Governor's Program of constitutional, ceremonial and community activities. They are seeking an experienced and energetic part-time Public Engagement Officer in a newly created position to join their small team. The role will provide administrative support to their Public Engagement Program, and in particular the guided tours of Government House, which form part of the Governor's civic and community engagement. Government House provides 150 opportunities annually for members of the public to visit the Estate, and this role provides the necessary administrative support to make this happen.

The Public Engagement Program is supported by a dedicated team of Government House Volunteers who are instrumental in providing the resources to deliver the public engagement opportunities to the Queensland community, and the Public Engagement Officer is responsible for coordinating the volunteers.

During National Volunteer Week the Queensland Volunteering Awards are held to honour the inspiring endeavours of hundreds of volunteers, volunteer managers, volunteer-involving organisations and businesses that invest in employee volunteering programs, who bring about positive change in our community. This year due to COVID-19 the awards were held in December together with our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 02 December 2020. This was an online event held in celebration of International Volunteer Day. 

144 Queensland volunteer involving organisations have been selected to receive a 2020 Supplementary Volunteer Grant. The small grants will assist these organisations to better support the valuable work of their volunteers, help re-engage their volunteers as the economy re-opens, and encourage participation in their volunteer programs. 

Volunteering Queensland is excited to open the inaugural State of Volunteering in Queensland survey for volunteer-involving organisations!

The survey data will result in a flagship report into the status, and the economic and social value of volunteering through a State of Volunteering in Queensland report.

Throughout the recent bushfire and cyclone/ monsoonal flooding seasons and COVID-19 pandemic, the indispensable quality of volunteers has been clearly demonstrated.

Queenslanders will always step up in times of need, but strong, effective, and coordinated leadership is required to turn their goodwill into successful outcomes. During both times of disaster and fortune, the capacity and strength of the volunteering sector requires investment and support to reflect the continuing benefits that volunteers provide in all aspects of Queensland life.

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