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Volunteering Queensland continues to work with the Queensland Government to provide up to date information for Volunteers and Volunteer involving organisations. For the most up to date news please follow visit the following information sites. For up-to-date comprehensive details on restrictions and other important directives, please visit the Queensland Health website.

Queensland Government Covid-19 Health Alerts

Please use this link for up-to-date information from the Queensland Government regarding Covid-19.

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8 Jan 2022

Testing requirements update

2 Jan 2022

Mandatory Face masks

From 1am AEST Sunday 2 January masks must be worn indoors everywhere in Queensland, except in your own home or accommodation, and where it is unsafe, such as while doing strenuous exercise.

 15 Dec 2021

Vaccination requirements for workers in high risk settings

Workers in some industries and high-risk settings must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Requirements for workers in healthcare settings

To protect the health of Queenslanders, any worker in healthcare who enters, works in or performs services in a healthcare setting must have the prescribed doses to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by 16 December 2021.

QCOSS releases Organisational COVID-19 Vaccination Advice from Clayton Utz

QCOSS has work in collaboration with Clayton Utz on a paper which provides general legal guidance about what actions QCOSS member organisations can do in relation to the COVID-19 vaccination in order to protect service users, comply with the law, respect their employees and ensure their decisions respect the human rights of service users and employees. Speakers from Clayton Utz discussed the advice at a QCOSS webinar on 30 November, which is now also available on demand.

A copy of the presentation slides can also be found here.

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Queensland Health

Healthdirect who work with the federal Department of Health and various state departments, have an online tool that allows you to check which COVID restrictions apply to you or your organisation.

Queensland Council for Social Services (QCOSS)  

As part of National Volunteer Week 2020 we are proud to launch two helpful guides: 

Responding to a Pandemic: A Practical Guide for Volunteer Involving Organisations

Volunteering in Response to a Pandemic: A Practical Guide for Volunteers

How COVID-19 has impacted volunteering – Results of members and volunteer organisations survey

Volunteering Queensland has surveyed volunteer-involving organisations (VIOs) across the sector and state to gain insights on how they have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The results highlight their needs and challenges going forward.


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A range of self care resources, including a self care workbook.

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Volunteering Queensland is here to support organisations, volunteers and community helpers as we work together to manage the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While these are challenging times for our sector, they also present an opportunity for innovation, connection and different ways of working.

As the situation is rapidly changing, we will continue to update you as new information and resources become available. Please check back regularly.

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