Recruiting Volunteers and Supporting Volunteers – 2 in 1 workshop (Cairns)

Come along to one or both of these UPDATED workshops!

These UPDATED workshops are an introduction to good practice in recruiting, inducting, supporting and developing volunteers within your organisation.

Recruiting Volunteers workshop will have the group look at good practice processes and planning for successfully recruiting volunteers.

This workshop will cover:

  • Current trends in volunteering
  • Recruitment and induction documentation 
  • Legal context and considerations
  • Explore case studies and join discussions around good practice and ideas from others.

Supporting Volunteers workshop will have the group consider ways to be a strong supportive leader to volunteers in your organisation.

This workshop will cover:

  • Retention and recognition practices
  • Supporting team dynamics
  • Managing conflict in the team.

This workshop will be an interactive group work focused workshop.


  • Recruiting Volunteers: 8:45am - 12noon
  • Supporting Volunteers: 12:45pm - 4pm
  • Refreshments provided if you attend one session
  • Lunch provided if you attend both


Further information

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