Implementing the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement (Webinar)

Wondering how your organisations volunteer involvement is going? The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement provide a sound roadmap to assist you in improving the performance of your volunteer-involving organisation.

This workshop will cover:

  • An overview of the 8 National Standards for Volunteer Involvement
  • Explore the benefits and barriers to implementing the Standards
  • Gap analysis against your organisation's current practice
  • Discussions and case studies to gain a broader idea on the Standards implementation.

Participants will be provided with an invaluable tool to facilitate a self-audit and an electronic copy of the Implementing the National Standards Guide and Workbook upon completion.

This workshop is valuable to:

  • Managers of Volunteers
  • HR and Quality Service team members supporting volunteer involvement who may or may not know about the National Standards.

Delivered by

Michelle Stafford, Sector Development Senior Manager, Volunteering Queensland

Michelle has come to Volunteering Queensland from a wide-ranging career spanning the community, youth, hospitality, sport and recreation and training industries. The roles held in these industries are just as diverse and contribute to the fabric of knowledge she brings to her training sessions and engagement with the many volunteer-involving organisations she has worked with.

At Volunteering Queensland Michelle manages the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) as well as supporting the delivery of workshops and consultancies to volunteer-involving organisations. Her involvement in Volunteer Services delivery rounds out her experience and breadth of knowledge of volunteering. Michelle treasures the learning and knowledge she gets each and every time she works with a volunteer-involving organisation and knows that sharing her knowledge is only half of the benefits of training as she develops a stronger, richer view of the sector she represents.

Michelle has been a volunteer throughout her life and continues to take up opportunities to give back but admits she is a serial episodic volunteer and doesn’t stick with one organisation for the long term like she used to do but chooses to try out lots of different experiences.

National Standards In-service

If after attending the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement workshop, you would like more support in developing a plan for implementation, Volunteering Queensland can conduct an in-house workshop with your staff and Volunteer Coordinator to examine and discuss the way ahead for implementation for your organisation.

Contact our Sector Development team to discuss a Proposal that meets your needs - 3002 7600 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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