Hear from your Peers: Developing a Volunteer Engagement Framework (Webinar)

In this session Susan Solakovic, the HR and Volunteers Manager at Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association will step through the success of their volunteer engagement framework. She will pose some questions that will form the foundation of your future accomplishments for your volunteer involvement.

Focusing on the importance of being able to influence a given situation underpins the success of this framework and in particular the inclusion of coaching and mentoring.

Consider these questions, and then join Susan to advance your answers, or develop some responses.

  • Do you have a position structurally on the best way to engage volunteers into your organisation?
  • Do you have a position on compliance requirements in the engagement of volunteers?
  • Do you have a solid understanding of the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement and other legislative requirements when engaging a volunteer, student or intern? If not why not? 
  • Are you prepared or would you be prepared to alter or change the way you communicate your volunteer engagement framework to your leadership team if they pushed back on the framework? If not why not?
  • Could you prove/ support your information and position to a sceptic if given the chance?
  • How do you influence others?


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Conducted by

Susan Solakovic is a skilled Human Resources (HR) professional with extensive experience in providing accurate and timely HR service and support to staff, management, the executive team and the Board as required while guiding change to meet operational strategic needs. Her passion is to help organisations develop their people capability. This, combined with her flexible and practical approach, has ensured that human resource strategies and practices are successfully implemented and practiced within the organisation.



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