How to Activate Your Community (Webinar presented by Alecia Hancock)

Do you need to know how to build an active and supportive community on social media?

This webinar will guide you through its creation by covering the three pillars of social media:

*Where - which social media platforms to use and why you’d choose them

*Who - understanding who they are talking to and your own organisations voice

*What - a simple model for creating effective social media content


Presented by Alecia Hancock 

Alecia is an entrepreneur, educator, founder of the Change the World and Unite events and director of Hancock Creative. She has written and published hundreds of articles, created award winning social media campaigns, is a sought-after speaker and not-for-profit trainer. Alecia was chosen as one of WA’s most influential people in business by NIFNEX, her business was named WA Telstra micro business of the year WA 2017 and won an Australian Web award for social media campaign of the year in 2016. Recently Alecia had the honor of having her Unite2020 event shortlisted for 'Best New Event' at the Australian Event Awards.


Zoom link to register:


Session goes for 40 minutes, then there will be time for questions.