Hear from your Peers: Using your learned knowledge (Webinar)

In this session Annette Lourigan, the Volunteer Village Coordinator for Palliative Care Queensland will share her experience adapting the skills she learned in the corporate sector into her volunteer management role.

When the volunteers that you coordinate are the heart behind Palliative Care Queensland (PCQ)’s Ambulance Wish and other programs it is not just rewarding it is humbling.

Ambulance Wish volunteers combine their passion to give, with their set of skills and areas of expertise, and are the people who fulfill the wishes and create the memories of Queenslanders who are palliative.

Annette has the honour of coordinating PCQ’s Volunteer Villagers. Like managing all teams she still has to “onboard”, interview and take everyone through policies and procedures. In this series of Hear from your Peers, Annette will share her joy of putting her learned skills into now working with a community of people that allows her to be part of something that truly is about honouring the uniqueness of every person.


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Annette Lourigan spent 24 years immersed in the funeral sector, it was the place where she learned to live, love, and laugh very loudly. It was also the place that allowed her to sit with total strangers and learn about their stories. From WW1 Veterans to Brisbane’s beautiful homeless she learned the value of everyone’s unique journey in the tapestry of life. Amongst tears that were at times from sadness and other times from hearing the love stories of people, her passion for understanding became a place to explore the kindness of humanity.

After caring for her own father when he was dying she felt the need for a career change and went from corporate into the community sector when she became the Volunteer Village Coordinator for Palliative Care Queensland, where she now is immersed in the kindness of volunteers.


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