Tobi Johnson - Bounce Back Better: Launch your 2022 Volunteer Engagement with a Smarter Strategy

Kick off your 2022 volunteering programs with a bang! This session with international volunteer management expert Tobi Johnson will guide you through creating a 2022 action plan filled with strategies to ensure your volunteer operations return to their full potential.  


  • Three-hour virtual workshop
  • Discussion breakouts with 4-5 people each (part 1 & part 3)
  • Speed session with quick tips (part 2)
  • Short stretch breaks between sessions


Uncertain environments require smart organisations double down on their strategic planning to meet their most critical goals. In this three-part workshop intensive, you’ll have the opportunity to set the key foundations for a successful volunteer program plan for 2022.  Join us to get expert, timely advice from an expert as well as meet with peers to share challenges and solutions. 

Part 1 - Your Strategic Direction for 2022

The most powerful volunteer strategy is one that is closely aligned with the organisation’s overall strategic direction. Too often, the volunteer program operates in a silo and cannot trace its activities directly back the organisation’s central strategic aims. In this session, you will learn how to align goals and communicate how volunteers are impacting the agency’s bottom line.

You will learn …

  • Top trends & challenges for volunteer organisations globally
  • A framework for aligning your agency’s strategic goals with those of the volunteer department
  • How to think through new roles and gaps
  • How to communicate your strategic value

Part 2 - Top 5 Things to Change in 2022

Most leaders of volunteers wear many hats, so you must make the best use of your time by prioritising what will help you gain the most traction. In this speed round, we’ll share where you should focus your valuable time and attention in the year ahead.

You will learn …

What to start doing and what to leave behind to get better traction 

Part 3 - Onboard Volunteers for Greater Retention

Commitment is a process, not a destination, so you can’t afford to leave your new volunteer induction to chance. In this session, you will learn how to map and analyse your current onboarding practices and pinpoint areas that need attention. We’ll cover what volunteers need adjust to their new environment and how you can take proactive steps to help them settle in comfortably, even when working remotely.  

You will learn

  • How to map the volunteer journey to discover hidden needs 
  • How to use integrated onboarding to strengthen commitment 
  • How to provide supports that build confidence and reduce turnover 

For each session you will receive

  • Session Workbook
  • Half-Page Slides

About Tobi

Tobi Johnson is an internationally sought-after expert, consultant, and master trainer in volunteer engagement. She is known for her modern thought leadership, highly practical evidence-based strategies, and innovative, “big hat” thinking around engaging, supporting, and acknowledging the work of volunteers.

She is the President of Tobi Johnson & Associates, a consulting firm whose mission is to help nonprofit organisations make connections with remarkable volunteers. In 2015, she founded VolunteerPro, an online training and networking community for leaders of volunteers. She is also co-host of the Time + Talent Podcast with Jennifer Bennett of VolunteerMatch.

Tobi has over 30 years direct experience in nonprofit management, program development, program coordination, training delivery and learning design across a wide range of charities and government agencies. She wrote Chapter 1 of Volunteer Engagement 2.0: Ideas and Insights for Transforming Volunteer Programs in a Changing World, published by Jossey-Bass in 2015. In addition, Tobi is intimately knowledgeable about the professional development needs of today’s leaders of volunteers. She was the Chair for the Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA) Job Analysis Task Force; responsible for updating the required the competencies for the fields only internationally recognised credential. Each year, her firm also conducts the Volunteer Management Progress Report, a global state-of-the-industry survey. In 2019, over 1,700 professionals from 22 countries participated.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Tobi is a graduate of the University of Washington and has a master’s degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She now lives in East Tennessee with her husband and feline office assistant, Bailey.