International Volunteer Managers Day is November 5th

Universally, people recognise the contribution of volunteers – in sport, health, emergency services, faith communities and the environmental lobby. In fact volunteers are involved in just about every aspect of service delivery in all walks of life.

But who makes it all happen?

Behind these volunteers lies an equally dedicated group of individuals and agencies who are responsible for the coordination, support, training, administration and recruitment of the world’s volunteers – skilled professionals who are adept at taking singular passion and turning it into effective action.

That is why we celebrate International Volunteer Managers Day (IVMDay) every year on 5 November.

It is important to let those professionals know that the spirit of volunteerism is enhanced and enabled by them – and to thank them.

Just as important is the opportunity to educate others about this important work, which is why we encourage the catch phrase “Education through Celebration” when we acknowledge IVMDay each year.

We urge you to mark your calendar and, whether you are an administrator, a volunteer, a community leader or someone who receives the benefit of volunteer help, to make sure the people who act as leaders and catalysts get the recognition they deserve!

2021 IVMD Theme

What Is Excellence? – Pushing us beyond the ordinary

We believe it is time to reflect upon what ‘excellence’ really means for our profession, and work towards creating some common language around this important topic.

Over the coming months we will look to provide some stimulating debate on many different aspects of just what does constitute ‘excellence in volunteer engagement’.

For example, what does excellence look like in:

  • Volunteer leadership?
  • Volunteer management certifications and learning?
  • Diversity and equity?
  • Managing up?
  • Meaningful engagement?
  • Embracing technology and systems?

With IVMDay just 6 months away (today), now is the time to start planning how you might celebrate IVMDay 2021 in your organisation or region – and how you might use this theme to create some meaningful outcomes from the day.


Get involved by supporting the event and posting your IVMD posts on socials. Downloadable resources can be found on the IVMD website.

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