Volunteering Queensland calls on all political parties to invest in volunteering


27 October 2020

All political parties contesting the upcoming State Election have been asked by Volunteering Queensland to commit to funding that supports Queensland’s inspiring volunteers and volunteer organisations.

Volunteering Queensland’s Volunteer Sector Election Platform details six key election priorities that build resilience through volunteering, including investment in Emergency Volunteering CREW (EV CREW)/ Care Army, a best-practice model for deploying volunteers into safe and rewarding response and recovery activities.

Other priority areas for funding include the establishment of five new volunteering hubs, training and resources to help volunteer organisations recruit and retain volunteers, research on the current landscape of volunteering, and state-wide insurance coverage to protect volunteers.

Volunteering Queensland received responses from eight political parties who all commented on the crucial role and value of volunteering. Only a few parties offered firm commitments.

Volunteering Queensland CEO Mara Basanovic said that throughout the recent bushfire and cyclone/ monsoonal flooding seasons and COVID-19 pandemic, the indispensable quality of volunteers has been clearly demonstrated.

“Queenslanders will always step up in times of need, but strong, effective, and coordinated leadership is required to turn their goodwill into successful outcomes.”

“During both times of disaster and fortune, the capacity and strength of the volunteering sector requires investment and support to reflect the continuing benefits that volunteers provide in all aspects of Queensland life.”

Investment in volunteering will enable hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders to contribute through their volunteering efforts, and millions more to experience the human, social, economic, and environmental benefits that our volunteer workforce continually brings to our communities and the State.

To see which parties support volunteering, visit: volunteeringqld.org.au/election