Mentor for young men, Alasdair Hughes – Brisbane

An inspirational young man who joined the Australian Navy Cadets unit as soon as he was able at the age of 13, has been nominated for the Queensland Volunteering Awards.

Alasdair Hughes quickly displayed the qualities of leadership and progressed through the ranks taking on more and more responsibility.

He extended his outreach to the local army and air force cadets unit by working on developing joint activities and a tri-service cadet band. All while attending high school and working through some significant family difficulties.

“During our time together I was inspired by his maturity, tenacity, honesty and loyalty, he gave tirelessly of himself and his time for no reward apart from seeing the development of young people,” said Mr Mingramm, who was his previous supervisor at the Australian Navy Cadets.

“There are in excess of 400 young individuals who actively benefited from Alasdair's tutorage, training, comfort and guidance. As a senior cadet he had direct responsibility of 50+ young cadets to mentor and protect and he did this with a passion.”

Youth suicide is a major issue today and by recognising the stresses and providing an avenue for venting and someone to care, such tragedy can be averted.

Mr Mingramm said “I recall on several occasions Alasdair seeking refuge in my presence in tears, emotionally drained as he provided guidance and solace to his contemporaries. He unselfishly would listen, comfort and guide without judging and help these troubled youth to seek assistance or work with staff in managing situations.”

“Over the 35 years that I have been involved in volunteering across Australia in many segments I have yet to see any youth member who displays the maturity of commitment as displaced by this young man.”

Alasdair is currently working in Community Service sector providing support in house to the elderly, is a staff member of the Australian Navy Cadets and is actively working to secure a role in the Royal Australian Navy as an Officer.

CEO of Volunteering Queensland, Mara Basanovic, said the Volunteering Awards acknowledge the extraordinary and valuable work done every day by hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the state.

“These prestigious awards highlight and pay tribute to the caring individuals who inspire and epitomise the spirit of volunteerism through their compassion, commitment and hard work. The positive impact they contribute strengthens and connects their communities.”

“The awards also promote the enormous value and vital contribution of volunteering to the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of Queensland.”

Award recipients will be announced during National Volunteer Week, which runs from 8 - 14 May 2017.