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About this opportunity

Volunteer Transport Driver

The Role

Our transport volunteers provide a vital service to those who need transport assistance. Clients may be frail, aged or people with a disability and their carers. This service enables them to attend medical appointments, community activities and shopping. This service supports people’s independence and helps them to remain living independently and to stay connected to their community.


As a volunteer driver you will pick up assigned clients in a Communify car or small people mover and take them to (and often from) appointments. Shifts vary according to your availability but will usually be at least 3 hours during the day or evenings. Some minor administrative duties such as collecting and recording a co-payment from clients and making log book entries are part of the role. While you would work in the transport team, the role is one where for most of the time you are in a vehicle with just you and one or more clients.

The transport service receives some funding from various Government agencies but would not operate without the significant contribution from volunteer drivers.

Who will you be helping?
Transport clients are those unable to use their own transport or access public transport for important activities. They include the frail, elderly and those with disabilities. Sometimes we work in partnership with hospitals, clinics, disability organisations or other service providers to help their clients.
Our drivers tell us their clients are almost always a great pleasure to help. Naturally, you can expect some situations where clients may be forgetful, not quite ready, a bit anxious, fractious or not feeling the best. An important part of the role is to be able to handle any of the rare issues that emerge calmly and respectfully.

What experience, qualifications or licences do you need ?
• A current car licence with a good driving record.
• You will also need to willing to undergo a Criminal History Check and to apply for a Disability Worker Clearance.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• A friendly, caring manner
• Ability to use initiative in responding to the immediate needs of the clients and their families while maintaining professional boundaries.
• Able to use a mobile phone.

• Apart from driving, you may need to assist clients into and out of the car or you might need to assist with a parcel for example. There is some light lifting, bending, squatting, pushing, pulling, trunk twisting, and standing, and of course most of the time is spent sitting in a vehicle.

• Where required, plan routes to ensure a timely and efficient service.
• Follow the provided run sheet to take people from home to appointments and return.
• Complete vehicle log book.
• Refill vehicle with fuel using BP card (vehicles must maintain more than 50% fuel on return to the car park)
• Follow directions of scheduling team.
• Report all incidents to Communify staff – this might include vehicle accidents or client incidents such as anxious or unexpected behaviours.
• Ensure the vehicle is kept clean during your shift.
• Carry out emergency procedures in accordance with Communify Qld policy in the event of an accident or incident.
• Contribute to the achievement of a safe and healthy environment.

What current volunteers say about the role
• It’s a very satisfying role. Every day we know we do important work. Our clients can’t buy the sort of care we provide – making sure they are at the right place at the right time, helping them to do what they need to be able to do – the clients know this too and are really pleased to get the help
• You’ll learn a lot about Brisbane – especially hospitals and their locations, procedures, set down and pick up rules etc
• The gentle relationships you form with clients can be very beneficial to both of you – you know a bit of their lives and can encourage and console as appropriate – you feel reward too from having the opportunity to do so
• You will be inspired by some of the people you meet – their attitude and perseverance is remarkable.

Additional requirements

  • Covid-19 vaccination
  • Driver's Licence (C)
  • National Police Certificate*

Time Required

4-6 hours per week

Interested In

  • Driving & Transportation
Bardon, QLD

* May be arranged by the organisation. Details will be provided after you express your interest.

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