Newsletter Editor

ID: 109390
  • Environment & Conservation
  • Regular - less than 6 months
  • Toowoomba, QLD

About this opportunity

Main duties of the Newsletter Editor
• Planning, organizing, editing and writing parts of the content of each month’s newsletter including content, layout, colours, photos, etc.
• Sourcing interesting items to reflect HOPE’s mission
• Communicating with HOPE office about upcoming events and themes for the newsletter
• Proof read and edit reports from others (HOPE partners/alliance members and outside sources) for the newsletter
• Gather up all HOPE E-News Bulletin content from the various other contributors, including commentaries, reviews, articles, and advertisements
• Write an Editor’s column for publication
• Lay out each month’s Newsletter using desktop publishing software and deliver the finished work to the HOPE office for final approval before distribution through the office
• Continually be looking for new things to add to improve its value. Some suggestions might be more clip art or cartoons, photographs of meetings, profiles of HOPE's members, comments submitted by members with responses, lists of the upcoming events/conferences, etc.

If you have ever heard the slogan "Think Globally, Act Locally" and thought "the world should definitely do more of that", HOPE is the right volunteer organisation for you.

Additional requirements

  • Others
Desirable Attributes:
• Organisational skills
• Interest in writing and communicating
• Computer skills
• Ability to manage a monthly project from start to completion
• Excellent grammar and spelling
Interested in
  • Marketing, Media, & Communications
  • Writing & Editing
Toowoomba, QLD