Online Arthritis Support Group Moderators

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  • Health
  • Regular - more than 6 months

About this opportunity

Arthritis Queensland run three online support groups which provide support to people facing the challenges of life with arthritis. With a focus on reducing social isolation, providing emotional support and encouraging positive behavioral changes our Online Support Group Moderators are responsible for managing the day to day activity within the Online Support Groups.

In this role you will draw on your personal experience of living with arthritis to provide support to other people living with arthritis.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Adding and welcoming new Members to the Group.
  • Where appropriate making and engaging with posts and comments.
  • Removing comments or posts which do not comply with the Group Rules.
  • Turning-off comments on posts which are not creating a positive contribution to the Group.
  • Muting Members who they feel may need to be removed from the group and reporting the issue to an Admin for decision.
  • Reporting Complaints to Admins.

Our ideal volunteer will:

  • Have lived with arthritis for at least two years.
  • Be a member of one of our Online Support Groups (ideal, but not necessary).
  • Feel that they in a personal position to be able to focus on providing support to the Group ahead of receiving support from the Group.
  • Be passionate about providing support to people living with arthritis.
  • Have experience of moderating an online support group (ideal, but not necessary).
  • Be open to continual learning and constructive criticism designed to improve our services.

Benefits for the volunteer:

  • Draw on your personal experience to improve the lives of people living with arthritis.
  • Further develop your own knowledge.
  • Build upon your interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Join a vibrant team of staff and volunteers and feel a sense of achievement each day knowing you are making a difference.

Good for

  • Online & Remote Volunteers
Time required

Moderators are not rostered on to specific shifts or times. The time commitment is variable, however Moderators are expected to regularly login to the group.

Interested in
  • Companionship & Social Support
  • Writing & Editing

Training will be provided prior to commencement

Queensland, QLD