Mayors Christmas Tree Appeal 2019 – All Stars Benefit Concert

ID: 141597
  • Community Services
  • One off - an event
  • Accessible
  • Townsville QLD

About this opportunity

The Mayors Christmas Tree Appeal is a community favourite and the Council is calling for volunteers who love all things Christmas and are passionate about Townsville as a community.

The All Stars Benefit Concert will be a local line up of amazing talent. A variety of concert with a post-monsoon event theme. A community of banding together, mates helping mates and the intention of the event is to provide the audience with a brilliant line up of inspiration, laughs and a general warm fuzzy feeling for our city.

100% of the proceeds go to the Mayors Christmas Tree Appeal. All our performers are donating their time and we need a team of helpers to make sure all aspects of this concert are awesome and runs smoothly.

::: 5 Event Volunteers ::: Opportunity for volunteers who have confidence around performers and a passion for being part of a team that delivers a professional and well-oiled variety concert.

::: 2 Backstage Volunteers ::: On a roster system, it is critical that the back entrance is always manned with a person to sign in and out the performers and direct them to their dressing rooms or the green room. Each performer and crew member need to sign their names in and out to ensure in the event of an emergency and evacuation all persons are accounted for during Muster Roll Call.

::: 2 Green Room Volunteers ::: The Green Room is a room that performers can sit when they are waiting to go on stage but can see and hear the stage on the TV screen. It is where people can sit and eat. We will be providing food in the green room.
One of the volunteers will go between the Green Room, dressing room and side stage if required under the direction of the Stage Manager.

::: 1 'Runner' Volunteer :::
The Directors of the concert will also be MC’ing the show and performing so the runner will be their ‘right-hand man’ and will assist with anything that comes up and needs attention. It may be finding someone, assisting the headliner, communicating major issues (or solving them). This person would need to be calm under pressure and physically fit to go from a-b quickly.

::: Dates and Time ::: REHEARSAL // Sunday 24 Nov - 1pm-4pm TECH RUN // Monday 25 Nov - 5:30pm–10:30pm (approx.) SHOW // Tuesday 26 Nov 5:30pm–10:30pm


Good for

  • Groups of 10 or more
  • People with disability
  • Skilled Volunteers
  • Travelling Volunteers
  • Wheelchair Access

Additional requirements

  • Driver's Licence (C)
Time required

See description for more details

Interested in
  • Fundraising & Events
Townsville, QLD