Performer and Sponsor Support - Cooktown expo 17 July - 4 August 2020

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  • One off - an event
  • Cooktown QLD

About this opportunity

These special people will assist performers and artists to find their way around the festival and help them by answering any queries they may have. You must be able to adapt to different situations and be capable of communicating and listening to artists, performers and sponsors needs while they are attending and/or performing at the festival. Performer and sponsor support will have the important role to assist artists and performers in preparing for performances and showcasing their 'art', to answer questions of artists, sponsors and performers. They will also need to assist sponsors in showing them how and where they have been recognised as sponsors. The performer and sponsor support will guide artists, sponsors and performers to areas where they are required or where they want to be. They will be required to brief artists, performers and sponsors on programs. The Cooktown Expo is a three-week event showcasing indigenous arts and culture, history, science, agriculture, marine and environmental expos, workshops, demonstrations, music, song, dance and fabulous food! It’s a great opportunity to work closely with their community, make lifelong friends, and to make a difference.

Good for

  • Skilled Volunteers

Additional requirements

  • National Police Certificate*

Must be a people person and be willing to help out artists, council staff and be prepared to be allocated to an area where assistance is required immediately. This role will be for someone who can adapt to situations and be a good problem-solver.

* May be arranged by the organisation. Details will be provided after you express your interest.

Time required

rosters to be announced

Interested in
  • Arts, Craft & Photography
  • Fundraising & Events
  • Tour Guides, Information & Heritage