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Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (MIFA) is a federation of long-standing member organisations, established in 1986. Our members deliver specialist services for individuals living with mental illness and their carers, friends and families, out of over 60 ‘front doors’ in metropolitan and regional areas across Australia, to over 20,000 people each year. We have substantial experience delivering specialist, place-based, community-building programs to those experiencing mental illness.

Common strengths
* Our membership has a strong focus on building community, valuing peer support and lived experience, and supporting recovery.
* We believe that recovery of a better quality of life is possible for everyone affected by mental illness.
* Our objectives are holistic. We assist people in their journey to recovery, physical health, social connectedness and equal opportunity through support and services.
* We work to build a community where people with mental illness are accepted and valued, and where carers are supported and included.
* Lived experience and peer input from consumers, carers, families, and friends are at the heart of all our program design, governance, delivery and evaluation—and our services are better for that. Over 55% of our Boards, workforce and volunteers have a lived experience as a consumer or carer.
* Our national federation strengthens all of us in our efforts to be innovative and reflective in our practice.
* Our collaborations with other networks and providers ensure that our front doors will always lead to the best local services.


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