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Youth Flourish Outdoors Ltd

Description: Flourish is a B2B charity which partners with organisations to deliver trauma focused adventure therapy to adolescents. We also work with individuals, conduct research and training, and promote adventure therapy as a solution for adolescents and families.

Business Overview: Flourish is a youth mental health organisation, which designs and delivers mental health programs through adventures and camps. Partnering is a central focus in the interest of making evidence-based adventure therapy available to the greatest number of young people possible. We work with agility and value employee’s as the primary therapeutic tool.

Flourish was established in 2014 as a Company Limited by Guarantee and is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission as a Health Promotion Charity.

While based in South-East Queensland, we work in National Parks and outdoor settings, and with partner organisations throughout Australia.

Mission: To improve the lives of young people through nature-based adventure programs that enhance and develop strengths and skills, ultimately building mental health.

We do this through best practice programs, research, and the promotion of evidenced informed models.

Aims: Prevent further harm of young people who were abused and/or neglected as children (Complex Trauma), by

• Delivering trauma informed adventures for young people

• Developing partnerships that create trauma focused programs

• Engaging in and promoting complex trauma research

• Providing training and professional networks to the industry to know more deeply about complex trauma

• Provide Consultation for other groups that wish to deliver early intervention or treatment programs

• Conducting public awareness campaigns

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