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Street Swags

Streetswags coordinate with the Woodford Correctional Facility to make and then distribute approx 5000 swags a year throughout Australia. These swags are a safe warm and dry bedding solution for those people that are rough sleeping.Over 50% of the people we supply swags to are women and large % of these women often have children. It is always very challenging seeing women and children first hand in situations like this(often Domestic violence) but the reward you receive internally knowing you have helped someone in such need, with warmth and safety is never lost or forgotten. We provide short term shelter from the cold and the rain but more importantly we act as a hub connecting these people with all the major government services like Housing Australia that they usually have no idea existed.
Contact address

9/477 Waterworks Rd
Ashgrove QLD 4060

Local VRC: Volunteering Queensland