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Tennis Townsville

NFP into fitness, Fun and Social Tournaments

Tennis is a game and it’s a passion; it’s an hour of fun and a lifetime commitment. It’s boys and girls, and it’s men and women; it’s all ages, all races, all people everywhere. It’s made for a sunburnt country, a sport we love so much we play it anywhere and everywhere- in the suburbs, in the bush, in the outback and even on rooftops. It’s everybody’s sport.
It is a wonderful world of Tennis, Australia’s favourite.

To grow, manage and promote the sport of tennis throughout Townsville and recognising the health, social, economic and entertainment benefits of sport, tennis in particular, for people of both sexes, all ages and abilities. Our ultimate objective is to promote a healthier lifestyle for the community. Make tennis part of our lifestyle.
Contact address

20 Burke St
North Ward QLD 4810

Local VRC: Volunteering North Queensland