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  • Parkhurst, QLD
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  • 703-751 Yaamba Road Parkhurst QLD 4702 Australia

Established in 1988, the Dreamtime Cultural Centre was developed as a place where Indigenous culture and heritage could be showcased and preserved for generations to come. The Centre is the original and first Indigenous tourism experience in Queensland and has grown and evolved to encompass a range of cultural, artistic and nature-based activities and experiences.

The Centre has been a significant part of the Central Queensland Indigenous landscape for more than 30 years and has played a major role in cultural awareness, Indigenous training and employment opportunities. Its founders were astute in establishing a local business to provide positive Indigenous employment outcomes and a sustainable source of income.

The purpose of the Centre is to explain the Dreaming and traditional ways of Indigenous people, enhance cross-cultural understanding, respect and love between all races, and to prudently use resources to enhance educational and vocational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Central Queensland.