Community Library Samford Inc Logo
CLS is community orientated and provides members books, CD's, DVD's, jigsaws and puzzles for all ages are available for borrowing.
Our community library is ammassing a collection of books written by Australians and books referencing Australia. Special reference sections in Military, Transport, Gardening, Art and Health have and are continuing to be privately donated.
Every item on display has been donated by members of the local and surrounding communities.
A weekly Saturday Books 4 Sale is held at the RSL Samford car park, 4 Progress Avenue, Samford Village 4520 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, as the main library collection of books is in storage while the group searches for another site to call home and raises funds for an eco-friendly community building which also encompasses Music and Arts.
Volunteers are also required to help market books for sale online and establish a much larger audience for larger funding opportunities.