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South West Millmerran Community Philanthropy Inc.

The South West Millmerran Community Philanthropy Inc. must adhere to our purpose to which includes our vision and values and its coexistence with what we do and the objects of the association. This means that the South West Millmerran Community Philanthropy Inc. is to produce and promote a nature of understanding among the people of Australia to fund and otherwise serve the civic, cultural, moral welfare, society, and social relations of the community.

(1) The objects of the association are in line with Section 2(a) (Our Purpose) -

(2) To meet or exceed our community’s requirements and expectations in a proactive, professional, and cost-effective manner. To achieve this objective:

(a) Establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment, this includes but not limited to; mental health, disabilities, employment, educational, recreational that is in aid of a charitable purpose to enhance their health, support, and social awareness (to be equal in the community), vulnerability, religion, and property and land care, including to avert and assist in, pandemics, disasters, and emergency events.
(b) Provide adequate services and resources to continually review and improve our community and process. Provide for the vulnerable in the community and assist where practicable and within the guidelines.
(c) Work in partnership with our community, and other relevant stakeholders.
(d) Applying for and accepting grants, donations, sponsorship, and any funds that will assist in achieving our objects, vision, and values.
(e) Leasing, renting, and managing community facilities that include but not limited to maintenance, enhancement, and construction to provide for the community.

(3) The aforementioned subrule (1) and (2) are established by the South West Millmerran Community Philanthropy Inc. as a charity whose purpose are to relieve poverty and to advance social and public welfare by undertaking activities:

(a) Establishing and operating, mentoring and operational groups for children.
i. Under the age of 5, who are not attending school,
ii. from the age of 6 to 18 who attend school, and
iii. adults attending secondary education.

(b) Mentoring adults who have disadvantaged scholastic abilities, and or limited opportunities, this will include providing funding for underprivileged people to enable an Australian education.
(c) A free service to assist people with a physical or mental disability to be able to participate in work and in the community.
(d) Assistance to people in the community that are disadvantaged as a result of there being no public transport in the South West region of Toowoomba to travel to or from their place of residence to employment, medical and essential support services.
(e) Arranging opportunities for people with a physical or mental disability to interact with other like-mind people and to have gained similar life experiences as people who do not have a disability.
(f) Providing parcels of food and other essential grocery items to dispossessed people and others who cannot afford to buy basic food and groceries for themselves.
(g) Providing clothing and other household and domestic items to people who do not have or live in a substantial, permanent residence or domicile.
(h) Offering funds, goods and services to people who have lost or sustained damages to their homes due to bushfires, flooding, emergencies, or other disasters to ensure that they can have a modest standard of living while they recover. In addition, offering support and these services during an emergency or disaster.
(i) Assisting the local, State Government and other organisations in delivering safety education for children and other people in the local community to promote behaviour that reduces the risk of danger and hazards to life.
(j) Volunteer to support and assist the respective emergency services.

(k) Liaising with the relevant authorities to improve technological services which includes safety devices and measures that maybe implemented to protect the community during disasters, bushfires, and floods.

(l) Assess and provide funding to enhance or establish and maintain infrastructure such as community buildings, facilities, transport, and communication, to deliver the services listed in subrule 3 (a) to (k).
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