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The Empowering Hive Logo
We are a not-for-profit charitable organisation that provides relief and assistance to people with disability (including but not limited to autism spectrum disorder and other neurodiverse conditions) and advances social/public welfare by undertaking activities which include:
i. providing support services including, but not limited to, therapy, social and community engagement activities, employment, training, education, housing and personal and skills development to enable people of all ages and who have varying levels and types of disability gain skills and independence to become valued members of the community
ii. providing a range of innovative services and lifestyle options for people with disability so that they have the opportunity to achieve their full potential in life and access amenities available to all Australians
iii. educating the families of people with disability as well as the broader community about the options available for people with disability
iv. promoting and advocating for the dignity and general citizenship of people with disability
v. harnessing the resources of the community to make a positive difference in the lives of people with disability
vi. enabling people with disability and their families to voice their interest and concern