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You might not have an interest in participating in sport, or outdoor activities like rock climbing, or even doing fitness classes, but what about managing fundraising, preparing marketing material, developing websites, setting up campsites or being a mentor?

Sports volunteers do everything from coaching, sitting on boards, preparing food, marshalling big events, to even being a pillion passenger on a motorcycle!

There are more roles across sport, community recreation, fitness and the great outdoors than you might think. Some might be one-off opportunities, others might be ongoing, but there is something for everyone.

By volunteering you are giving your time and energy, as well as developing your personal skills whilst helping local community projects.

It's never too late to get in and give it a go, and there are thousands of great people looking forward to making it a great experience for you.

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Volunteers play a key role in the successful running of any sports club. They are the lifeblood of sport and recreation and help Queenslanders of all ages to be healthy, active and have fun.

Sport, fitness, outdoor and community recreation organisations can recruit the volunteers they are looking for by using our online platform. When you register with us you can:

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We can also support you to achieve best practice in volunteer management through a range of accredited and professional development training, networking events, resourcesresearch and membership.


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