Volunteers give their time, effort and skills to better our society. The contribution of over three million Queensland volunteers (75% of adults) has provided unparalleled assistance to people and causes across our beautiful state.

The Queensland Volunteering Awards Presentation
Queensland Volunteer Awards 2022 – Recipients of the six awards

Every single volunteer, whether in a formal or informal setting deserves thanks from the Queensland Community, and it is the Queensland Volunteering Awards that highlight the people behind this immense positive wave which embodies the spirit of mateship and togetherness.

The Queensland Volunteering Awards will celebrate exemplary volunteers across six important categories. Find more information here.


Young Volunteer of the Year Award

Presented in celebration of an individual aged between 16 and 30 years, who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to volunteering in Queensland and who through their volunteering has positively impacted the lives of others. 

Lifetime Contribution to Volunteering Award

Presented in honour of an individual who has made an exemplary life-long contribution to volunteering (15+ years volunteering) and who through their volunteering has contributed to the betterment of the community in Queensland. 

Excellence in Volunteer Management Award

Presented in acknowledgement of an individual salaried or non-salaried volunteer manager who have demonstrated outstanding best practice in the management of volunteers and the delivery of volunteering programs. 

Community Volunteering Program Impact Award

Presented in recognition of a community volunteering program or activity that has made a positive, measurable and sustainable social and/or economic impact on the Queensland community. 

Corporate Volunteering Program Award

Presented in recognition of a for profit business that has made a positive contribution to the Queensland community through the impact of its employee volunteering program

Volunteer of the Year Award

Presented in honour of an individual who has made an exemplary voluntary contribution. This award celebrates those who have made a significant impact towards Queensland’s well-being through their volunteering.

Volunteering Queensland recognises that one of Queensland’s strengths is its diversity and the collective contribution of all its citizens. We welcome and encourage nominations from all members of our community.   

Queensland Volunteer Awards 2022

All Queenslanders are encouraged to nominate those who shine bright in the volunteer roles, programs and organisations. Help us to highlight volunteers who dedicate themselves to helping others and spread the word about the positive impacts volunteering makes in the lives of individuals, groups, communities, and the environment.

The Queensland Volunteering Awards Presentation Night
Queensland Volunteer Awards 2022 – Brisbane City Hall

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