This webinar explores the organisational impacts of implementing vaccination requirements for workers in the community services sector and its service users. While some parts of the sector have been mandated, other community services organisations are grappling with decisions about whether to impose their own mandates to protect vulnerable service users and workers. 

Volunteering Queensland submission to social isolation and loneliness inquiry

The State of Volunteering in Queensland 2021 Policy Position and Advocacy Plan

The State of Volunteering in Queensland 2021 Report

Great news! Law changes are coming to reduce red tape and improve internal governance for the more than 22,900 incorporated associations in Queensland, including the 3,750 that have registered as charities.

The Settlement Council of Australia (SCoA) and Volunteering Australia have today released their report, ‘Volunteering and Settlement in Australia’, with a snapshot of the volunteering activities of new migrants and refugees in Australia. In the settlement sector, 65 per cent of new arrivals to Australia volunteered within the first 18 months of their arrival to Australia, to contribute to society, make friends, improve their English or gain local work experience.

United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

Volunteering Australia

Volunteering Queensland's 2017 State Volunteering Conference was a resounding success, enabling volunteer-involving organisations to advance their cause, inspiring programs and people, and increasing overall knowledge and understanding of the volunteering industry.