Life is busy at the Office of the Governor with their team focused on the Governor's Program of constitutional, ceremonial and community activities. They are seeking an experienced and energetic part-time Public Engagement Officer in a newly created position to join their small team. The role will provide administrative support to their Public Engagement Program, and in particular the guided tours of Government House, which form part of the Governor's civic and community engagement. Government House provides 150 opportunities annually for members of the public to visit the Estate, and this role provides the necessary administrative support to make this happen. The Public Engagement Program is supported by a dedicated team of Government House Volunteers who are instrumental in providing the resources to deliver the public engagement opportunities to the Queensland community, and the Public Engagement Officer is responsible for coordinating the volunteers.

Volunteering Australia

The Volunteering Resource Hub (the hub), an initiative of Volunteering Australia, is nearing the final stages of design. They are now looking for volunteer managers, new and experienced, to help them virtually test the hub before it is officially launched in February 2021.

United Nations Volunteers (UNV)