What do I need to know about becoming a Ready Reader?

The position

Queensland Ready Reading volunteers assist individual children with their reading, engaging with them to build their confidence and enjoyment in books and the art of reading. They help children to become independent readers.


Ready Reading volunteers will work in schools across the State. 

The role

Ready Reading volunteers will:

  • apply the five essential components for learning to read
  • engage children in the reading process and model the art of reading
  • support children before, during and after they read, through questioning on the illustrations, main ideas in the book, characters, settings and meaning in the story
  • use reading support strategies to develop independent reading skills.

Time commitment

Ready Reading volunteers can nominate the hours they have available for the program. However, we do ask that whatever hours you commit to are regular and can be sustained over a period of time.

Support provided

All volunteers will receive training from experienced Department of Education staff. You will be trained in the Ready Reading process. Throughout training there will be opportunities to participate in practice sessions as you become competent in the process.

Within the local area, a Regional Coordinator will be organising Ready Reading school placements. They will contact volunteers directly to discuss preferred locations and availability.

Once placed in schools, Ready Reading volunteers will receive an induction, particularly in relation to student protection policy and procedure and health and safety procedures.

Required qualifications

There are no specific formal qualifications required to become a Ready Reading volunteer. All volunteers will be required to undergo a Working with Children Check before commencing in a school. The required training in the support process must also be completed before commencing as a Ready Reading volunteer. Support and practice sessions will be available to volunteers as they develop the competencies for the role.

Is this the position for you?

To be a successful Ready Reading volunteer you must be enthusiastic about working closely with young children, and be confident that you can demonstrate an enjoyment and satisfaction from reading.