COVID-19 for volunteers: Visit our blog for information to help keep you and your community safe, along with opportunities for you to support others. Unfortunately, we cannot see you in person at our Brisbane, Wynnum or Logan offices at this time, as we have suspended all face to face services until further notice. However, we are still here to help. Please search our website to find out more about volunteering, or contact us on email or call 3002 7600.
We will update our blog as more information becomes available. We encourage you to follow the latest advice on the Queensland Health website.

Rights & responsibilities

You & the organisation you volunteer with are responsible for making sure you're safe & happy in your role


Volunteers have the right to:

  • be interviewed and engaged as a volunteer in accordance with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation
  • receive information about the organisation
  • a clearly written role description
  • know to whom they are accountable
  • be recognised as a valued team member
  • be supported and supervised
  • a healthy and safe working environment
  • be protected by appropriate insurance
  • say no if they feel they are being exploited
  • be reimbursed for approved out-of-pocket expenses
  • be advised of the travel reimbursement policy
  • be informed and consulted on matters which directly or indirectly affect them and their work
  • be made aware of the grievance procedure
  • orientation and training
  • information about policies and procedures that affect their work
  • have their confidential and personal information dealt with in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Volunteers have a responsibility to:

  • be reliable
  • respect confidentiality
  • carry out the tasks defined in the role description
  • be accountable
  • be committed to the organisation
  • undertake training as requested
  • ask for support when they need it
  • give notice before they leave
  • value and support other team members
  • carry out the work they have agreed to do responsibly and ethically
  • notify the organisation as soon as possible of absences
  • adhere to policies and procedures.


Photo: Surf Life Saving Queensland