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Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation (QLD) Logo
Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation supports kids living in families affected by mental illness.

Kookaburra Kids’ mission is for all children who are affected by a parent or family member with a mental illness to be supported, valued and provided the opportunity to strive toward their potential.

Since 2002 Kookaburra Kids has been continuously working to develop programs based on caring and mental health education principals that support children aged 8-18yrs to make the most out of their childhood. Often these children are the primary carers in the household taking on responsibilities well beyond their years.

The unique Kookaburra Kids program delivers free weekend respite camps, school holiday activity days and on-going outreach support. The program provides these children with a break from the demanding and stressful responsibilities at home, whilst providing a safe environment and the opportunity to learn about mental illness and how it affects families, share their experiences and to discover and improve their coping skills and resilience.

Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation supports kids to be kids.