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Recovery from a disaster is a long process. Agencies rely on long term support from volunteers who may perform various roles, ranging from basic clean-up to care, comfort and personal support to affected communities.

EV CREW – Community Response to Extreme Weather

Over 46,000 referrals have been made
to volunteer involving organisations
since 2011

Volunteering Queensland

Information for councils & community organisations  

Emergency Volunteering Emergency Community Response to Extreme Weather (EV CREW) links people who want to volunteer before and after disasters (spontaneous volunteers), with councils and community organisations who need to helping hands in times of natural disaster.

Volunteering Queensland facilitate the placement of volunteers with the required skills, availability and locality into the areas of the community that need help the most. 

Since our EV CREW service began in 2008, we’ve made over 46,000 volunteer referrals to over 200 disaster preparation or recovery programs.

The difference spontaneous volunteers can make to a disaster-affected family, community group or business is immeasurable – even months and years after an extreme weather event.

Spontaneous volunteers are a vital and significant part of our community. They provide valuable assistance at times of disasters as well as support preparedness and recovery activities.

Offers of assistance from people willing and able to assist at times of need can be challenging and easily overwhelm government and non-government organisations. However, when managed appropriately, spontaneous volunteers can be a valuable and flexible resource to their community and those in need.

Volunteering Queensland through Emergency Volunteering CREW can help councils and organisations enhance their preparedness and capacity to manage spontaneous volunteers through:

  • Recruitment and registration of offers to volunteer
  • Matching volunteers with organisations
  • Training and sector development
  • Development of standard operating procedures
  • Resilience building
  • Information and advice.

Emergency Volunteering Resources

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