12 months from course commencement


School Partnerships

Entry Requirements



This is a nationally recognised course.


This qualification allows students to develop an understanding of the concepts of service, volunteering and community work – through engagement with the community, both within and external to their school.

The course is focused on the key skills needed to volunteer under supervision and can be used as a pathway to workforce entry.

To achieve this qualification, you must complete a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer work.

Students develop a range of skills through the course which include:

  • Building work and real-world skills, experience and confidence that is required in today’s workplaces.
  • Adding value to their school studies and developing employability skills.
  • Learning to transition from school to life in employment and further study.
  • Developing workplace networks.

  1. Blended

    Students undertake trainer led self-paced learning through Volunteering Queensland’s system.


    Resources and assessments are completed online.

    Theory assessment includes short answers, essays, project work and self-marking questions

  2. Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)
    Recognised Prior Learning is the process that is used to recognise the skills and knowledge you have acquired through personal and work experience – the “University of Life”. The evidence you provide is matched to a complete qualification where possible or alternatively, to part of a qualification. A successful RPL application means that you could receive certification without further study or may be able to fast track through a qualification. Please contact Volunteering Queensland to organise an individual assessment of our current knowledge and skills.

There are no entry requirements for this course however some organisations may be required to undergo relevant background checks. Where volunteering works is undertaken with organisations external to the school, students may be required to undertake background checks (e.g., Blue Card).


Internet connectivity and access to a device for online submission.

The typical completion time of the course is 12 months.


As a part of their study, students must complete at least 20 hours of volunteer work – either within the school community or with approved external not for profit, charity, community, or organisation with a structured volunteer program.

To complete this qualification, you must demonstrate competency in a total of 5 units.

  • Three (3) core units and two (2) electives.
  • Choose the Business Services Stream OR Human Services Stream
  1. Business Services Stream
CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people Core
CHCVOL001 Be an effective volunteer Core
HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety Core
BSBCMM201 Communicate in the workplace Elective
BSBTEC202 Use digital technologies to communicate in a work environment Elective



CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people Core
CHCVOL001 Be an effective volunteer Core
HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety Core
BSBCMM201 Communicate in the workplace Elective
HLTFSE001 Follow basic food safety practices Elective

Credit transfer (CT) is available where students have attained other nationally recognised training such as HLTAID011 Provide first aid.

During your studies, you will need to have access to the following:

  • Computer with compatible operating system (Windows or Mac)
  • Printer
  • Current web browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox)
  • Email address and stable internet connection access
  • Microsoft Office – including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Adobe Reader

Assessment is a combination of:
Written Assessment: written responses to questions or scenarios which may include short answer paragraph responses or multiple choices.


Case Studies: allows opportunity for students to display process and problem-solving skills in a set of integrated tasks.


Practical Activities: tasks which require demonstration of skills, this may occur in the workplace or classroom, either real-life or simulated scenarios.


Project Work: requires the development of a document(s) towards a specific task.


Volunteer Placement: Students will undertake volunteer placement within their school or at an external organisation approved by Volunteering Queensland and the external organisation prior to any volunteer work being undertaken. Any hours logged without prior approval from Volunteering Queensland will not be recognised.

Please contact Volunteering Queensland’s Training Team for fee details.
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