Support the Girls Logo
Support The Girls Australia is a charity committed to supporting disenfranchised and isolated women, and the communities in which they live in. We are creating a platform that changes the hearts of its women, by removing the prejudices of homelessness, enabling women to rediscover their merits, reinstate their creative capacity, uplift their dignity, which in turn allows them to transform their relationships between themselves and their respective community.
We aim to provide a safe space for women to connect and be supported through our action which is our "Bra Gifting Events". Spaces are created for women from all walks of life to foster relationships with other women in the community regardless of income, creed, age, or cultural background.
The women we support have experienced, or are experiencing, domestic violence, financial hardship, homelessness, loss of a spouse or family member and various other circumstances beyond their control. The last two years has seen a dramatic rise in women struggling due