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Women's Power of Inspiration Logo
WPOI is a relaxed and comfortable setting welcoming place; which provide a social scene to gain the trust and confidence of struggling and vulnerable Australia-Rwandan and other Refugees and Migrant women; who are about giving up, to gather for social connection and to encourage lifelong learning and make powerful their aspiration.

Our values are:
• Welcome and hospitality
• Collective responsibility
• Being honest and transparent in everything we do
• Education
• Value/quality of service
• Empathy and kindness toward others. ...
• Implementing and respecting boundaries.
• Respect for the dignity of all people.

We offer lessons in:
• Sewing
• Embroidery
• Alteration
• Knitting
• Crochet
• Weaving
• Filling in some forms support
• Housing application assistance
• Access to emotional support networks
• English (language lessons as part of their learning, as well as participating in Job Ready education)
• Job training (resume, referrals, interview training and preparation)