Householders' Options to Protect the Environment Logo
Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment Inc. (HOPE) encourages people to take responsibility for their relationship with the environment in their daily lives.

HOPE’s focus is to:
1. Raise awareness by providing people with information – letting people know about current environmental issues;
2. Educate – suggestions on how to tackle these issues;
3. Show – how easily it can be done

YOU can help!
HOPE encourages people:
• to view environmental problems in their local, economic and global context;
• to use what is already there, making the most of existing resources, technology and community networks; and
• to create, communicate and celebrate lifestyles which reduce consumption and improve quality of life.

While HOPE endorses individual action, it also encourages people to act together in their local communities, and in society as a whole, to really make a difference.

You can help by adopting sustainable living practices in your home; and by promoting these same practices within your community. HOPE has a range of “helpful hints” brochures, booklets and information sheets readily available from our website. We are also able to assist you with information on specific topics.

As the need to conserve energy and resources becomes more crucial, HOPE is striving to expand our national network of members and supporters. You can become part of that network and spread the philosophy of HOPE in your area and beyond.

Go to our website at ; read up on HOPE and become a member today and help us promote sustainable living!

And remember: You CAN make a difference!