Disaster preparedness

Disaster preparedness for older people


Older people within our communities bring strength of knowledge, skills and experiences about disasters. As well as being a valuable community resource for disaster resilience, some older people may require support to ensure their safety and wellbeing at times of disasters.

In recognition of the contribution that older people can make and that disaster preparedness for older people can be improved, Volunteering Queensland has developed the Disaster Preparedness for Older People project.

This project aims to ensure:

  • Older people can access relevant disaster preparedness information
  • Older people have opportunities to participate in disaster preparedness planning and volunteering
  • Agencies that support vulnerable older people in the community are aware of the need to develop evacuation and disaster preparedness plans for their clients.

Volunteering Queensland will be holding forums/workshops with local governments, emergency services and the agencies that support vulnerable seniors in each location. These workshops will result in a shared plan for the preparedness of seniors within the community.

We will engage key peak organisations to commit to supporting their member agencies to establish plans to further ensure the safety of their clients at times of disasters.

We will be working in close partnership with local governments and local disaster management groups and emergency services to implement this project in selected areas. Proposed locations include: Redlands, Moreton, Logan, Livingstone, Somerset and Tablelands. 

We have commenced conversations with key stakeholders and will be seeking to formalise relationships with identified communities. It is anticipated the project will be completed by March 2018.

This project is a joint initiative of Volunteering Queensland, the Australian Government and the Queensland Government.

If you would like to learn about this project, please contact our team on 3002 7600.