Member Spotlight

Buddy Ken Cunz singing with member Jessica

Upbeat Arts was launched in Queensland on World Mental Health Day in 2014 to Engage, Educate and Empower and believes in the transformative power of positive experiences through singing and creative writing. Its non-clinical programs have been carefully crafted to provide individuals with an escape from their everyday worries, allowing them to regain their sense of joy, confidence, and self-worth. By engaging in these activities, everyone involved (members and volunteers too), can rediscover their inner strengths, and find new sources of inspiration and new friendships.

“We use our programs as a catalyst to social identity and inclusion which are recognised as important to mental health and well-being. We understand that anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues can take a toll on one’s mood, confidence, and self-esteem. That’s why we’ve developed these programs to offer a refreshing and beneficial approach to improving overall well-being.”

Queensland Operations Manager, Susan Gilmartin
Kitchen Volunteers: Denise Maguire, Sue Howard and Annette Rae

Upbeat Arts delivers its choirs to adults with a mental illness and to marginalised communities promoting social inclusion, positive mental health, and overall wellbeing. The choirs meet weekly, where we gather and sing under the direction of a conductor, who teaches skills and builds confidence in our ability to let go and sing!

The values and goals of Upbeat Arts are to provide support, a safe and inclusive and ‘well-fed’ space, for all to come together. We sing, laugh, cry, share stories and share a meal together. We are a community!

“This is the best volunteer gig ever! I love helping Upbeat Arts and seeing the joy the choir members experience every week. Witnessing lives changing is a blessing and enhances my life too!”

Long term choir buddy Denise

Upbeat Arts volunteers help Upbeat Arts to bring it all together, by adding their energy, their own personal experiences, their happy smiling faces and their commitment to turning up to rehearsals to help us with the delivery of the choir program.

As a volunteer, you can choose how to be involved:

  • Choir Buddies come along every week and help with set up, they are musically skilled (ie have sung in a choir, and can sing in tune) and are there to support our members in their new social environment
  • Health Buddies who also sing with the choir (as per the above role) but have some experience in mental health (ie a retired nurse, psychologist, or student in related areas)
  • Or be part of our Kitchen Team and help prepare a simple meal while the choir rehearses and be available fortnightly or monthly.

We invite you to volunteer with one of our choirs and to make a difference in not only the lives of others but your own too.

Health Buddy Priscilla Maxwell singing with the choir.

Upbeat Arts delivers choirs in Brisbane and more recently on the Sunshine Coast to help its members build pathways to healing and a brighter tomorrow. Upbeat Arts delivers group-oriented recovery programs, which help build confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. The arts programs promote social inclusion, positive mental health and overall wellbeing.

Volunteer with Upbeat Arts here.

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