Harmony Week, held around March 21 each year to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity, is a chance to recognise your migrant volunteers or connect with new arrival migrants in your community. Do you have, or hope to recruit, migrant volunteers in your team? This Harmony Week, learn how to navigate cultural diversity and create a welcoming environment where everyone is respected and has a sense of belonging.

Many new migrants give time to their communities but do not engage in formal volunteering. Our page of resources on engaging migrant volunteers can help you bridge this gap – Have you explored it yet? Bookmark it here.

In the meantime, here are some key points:

  • There can be obstacles to volunteering for new migrants. If you’re wondering where to begin, start right here! Download our practical tips to start supporting someone’s volunteer journey today.
  • The language you use can either connect or isolate volunteers, especially if English isn’t their first language. Simplify your communication with plain language to ensure clarity. For more ideas, download “Tips for VIOs engaging migrants”.
  • How does your organisation score on cultural competency? Try this online assessment to find out how safe and welcoming your environment is for new migrant volunteers.

Join us to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity from March 18. Find out how your organisation can take part and start celebrating your migrant volunteers today!

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