About Emergency Volunteering

Queenslanders are no strangers to disasters, emergencies, and now a pandemic. In recent years, we have fiercely battled drought, fire, flood and disease making evident that volunteers are vital at every stage, however none so much as the bridge between disaster and recovery.

Disaster recovery is a long process. Communities and agencies rely on long term support from volunteers to provide clean-up, essential good delivery, care, comfort and personal support to affected communities.

Volunteering Queensland works alongside councils, agencies and volunteer involving organisations to provide coordinated disaster recovery volunteer teams when and where ever disaster strikes.

EV CREW Emergency Volunteering Community Response to Extreme Weather

Information for volunteers

Over 46,000 referrals have been made to volunteer involving organisations since 2008

Volunteering Queensland

Emergency Community Response to Extreme Weather (EV CREW) links spontaneous volunteers with councils and community organisations in times of natural disaster.

Volunteering Queensland facilitates the placement of volunteers with the required skills, availability and locality into the areas of the community that needs help.

Since its inception in 2008, EV CREW has made over 46,000 volunteer referrals to over 200 disaster preparation or recovery programs.

We welcome EV CREW registrations at anytime.

The difference that you can make to a disaster-affected family, community group or business is immeasurable – even months and years after an extreme weather event.

(Volunteers are called upon in times of disaster according to the needs of requesting agencies and councils. This is contingent on location, requirements and number of volunteers requested. Registration does not guarantee volunteer deployment.)

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