An initiative inviting volunteers, volunteer involving organisations and corporate volunteer program managers to share their inspirational volunteering stories!

Share your story with us today…

We can all agree that the work volunteers do is incredibly important. Volunteering has a demonstrable impact in people’s lives, and see clearly the benefits to our communities and to our economy. So what’s not to smile about!

Volunteering Queensland wants to highlight your experience to showcase the rich diversity of people in the volunteering community as well as the myriad of volunteer opportunities available.

 The Volunteering – Share Your Story initiative invites you to register to be one of our highlighted volunteering stories. The stories will be shared through our communication channels including our website, social media channels, newsletters, as well as in promotional materials. You may even have images and videos you can share.

Let others know why volunteering is beneficial to you and to those you help. We know that volunteering doesn’t mean tedious: you might read at your child’s school or assist with photography at local events or teach dance to your elderly mothers’ friends at the local hall. We want to know and spread the message of love in our communities.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, please complete this short form. 

Stories for Volunteers

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