The Re-engaging Volunteers into Residential Aged Care Facilities Program, an initiative of the Australian Government of Health and Aged Care and proudly supported by Volunteering Queensland has now come to its conclusion.  

Over the past 7 months we have seen 162 volunteers connect with 54 facilities across 16 LGAs in Queensland, providing 1-5 hours of their time each week to support the social and emotional needs of older Australians residing in residential aged care facilities. 

With this re-established volunteer presence in RACFs across QLD, we hope to see volunteer numbers continue to grow within RACFs as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Future opportunities in the residential aged care space can be found by contacting RACFs in your local community or getting in touch with one of the following groups: 

The RACF Team at Volunteering Queensland wish to send a huge thank you to our program volunteers and facilities for their participation! 

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